The Pros Of Electric Heaters!

Electric heaters are quite popular due to their lower installation prices, with no need for a flue. Compared to gas heaters they are lower maintenance, with efficient heating time and production. These heaters are generally environmentally friendly due to being low carbon and can last longer than gas and oil boilers. Electric heaters don’t have the same parts, lowering the chance of wear and tear or breaking down. You won’t have to worry about heat being lost through flues and if you have solar panels installed, electricity efficiency gets a boost, along with a reduction of carbon dioxide. Safety wise, you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Having an electric heater will make installation a lot easy, due to the lack of pipework. They just need to be connected to a circuit, which means you can have an electrical radiator anywhere in your home, call today if you need an Electrician in Bradninch.


The Importance Of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an important addition to your home or commercial property, due to safety being a high priority. With this in mind, they should have regular maintenance and checks to ensure they are working as well as they should be and keeping you, your family and colleagues safe. They will alert you quickly and if they are a professional system, they can be set up to alert the fire services whilst you’re concentrating on getting others and yourself out of the property. They can also be set so if it’s in a commercial building, fire services will know where the source is. Having a fire alarm will limit the risk of damages, due to early detection and a chance to contain it. Some alarms can be set so a shutter will come down, therefore halting a nearby fire when the alarm is pushed. This will slow the fire and reduce the oxygen, limiting the chance of it spreading and giving you time to evacuate.


In order to keep your fire alarm working properly in your home, you should make sure it is checked monthly by testing it. Make sure the batteries are working and that they are changed for fresh ones each year, or get an alarm that is electronically fitted into your home. The most crucial rooms where the alarm should be is outside the kitchen and on top of the stairs, but as many rooms as possible is beneficial. Commercially, a fire alarm should be checked once a week, with all staff knowing what to do with evacuation procedures. Any fire alarms used needs to pass health and safety checks and standards, with yearly inspections. To arrange a quote for a Fire Alarm or if you need an Electrician in Tiverton, call Reed Electrical.


The Importance Of Updating Your Fuse Box

A fuse box contains switches that controls the electrical supply to your property and is important, particularly during an emergency. It has several switches (circuit breakers or fuses for different circuits e.g. the kitchen or hallway) plus a main one which turns off all the electricity. A fuse box will also have a RCD (Residual Current Device), which keeps an eye on the circuits. It will monitor any faults and trip the circuit if there is risk of a hazard, such as fire or injury. It will sense if the wiring is faulty.


A fuse box contains switches that controls the electrical supply to your property and is important, particularly during an emergency. It has several switches (circuit breakers or fuses for different circuits e.g. the kitchen or hallway) plus a main one which turns off all the electricity. A fuse box will also have a RCD (Residual Current Device), which keeps an eye on the circuits. It will monitor any faults and trip the circuit if there is risk of a hazard, such as fire or injury. It will sense if the wiring is faulty.


If the lights at home keep flickering or your plug sockets aren’t responding, then your fuse box could be affected and possibly deteriorated, particularly if the fuse box is old enough to contain asbestos flash guards. Asbestos is harmful to breathe in now, but luckily these days new fuse boxes don’t contain this. However if your fuse box is still older than 10 years it is best to get it checked properly, as the fuses themselves may have worn out. Once a new box has been installed, everything will be tested thoroughly to make sure it is safe (including the circuits and earthing). You will then be given an Electrical Installation Certificate with the results, which means it complies with all the requirements needed. Call today for all your Electrical services in Cullompton.


The Benefits Of Having A Burglar Alarm

One of the things you want to make sure of is that your home is safe from potential intruders. Even if you live in a relatively safe part of town, you may still fret about being away from your property for a while. By getting a burglar alarm, you can be reassured your home will be safe, with increased protection. It is also beneficial with commercial buildings.


If you are planning to go on holiday at all, you won’t want to worry about the safety of your home or work place. You won’t enjoy your time off if you are wondering what is happening. If you have an alarm it will take away this worry by putting burglars off and deterring potential intruders. You can relax knowing your valuables (which could include sentimental and expensive possessions, or potentially sensitive information if it is a work place) and property will be safe. The other benefit is that by having an alarm installed, you could potentially save money on your insurance and have the premium reduced, due to your house being less likely to be broken in to.


You may find that the value of your property goes up with a burglar alarm, due to safety being a priority with many potential buyers. Having an alarm keeps your place safe and can contribute to being a safer area to live in overall. You can even upgrade to having an alarm system with cameras that is linked to your own phone, so you can keep an eye on what is going on both at home and your business. If you need a Burglar alarm fitted in Cullompton or any Electrical services in Cullompton, call us today.


Why You Should Re-Wire Your Home

Electrical issues are quite commonly the main factor that can cause house fires. Sadly, we don’t always consider the hazards that can arise with electricity. Issues can appear in your house, due to outdated electrical equipment and old wiring, which can become a danger to you and your family. For instance, if your lights flicker and dim, when other appliances are being used, this can be a sign of an electrical circuit under strain. Other issues can be plug sockets that spark and fuses getting too hot. You can usually smell a burnt odour if this is the case.


These signs of electrical problems are just a couple you need to keep an eye on in your property, but when in doubt, you should ask a professional electrician to check things over properly and efficiently. They can ensure the inspection they do is thorough and will pick up on any other problems that may be subtle.


Knowing your home is being checked over will give you peace of mind. An expert will be experienced, so you can be reassured that any problem they find will be solved safely. If you need a house rewiring or an Electrician in Honiton, give us a call today.

The Advantages Of Garden Lighting

If you want to give your outside space a boost, then you should consider garden lighting, whether you want to go for a subtle glow or an eye catching look.


The great thing about outdoor lighting is that even when it gets dark you can still relax outside, due to it brightening your garden. You could have a barbecue on a warm evening or even just sit outside and read a book. Whatever you want to do, just having lights outside can create a warm environment and ambience.


Lights can enhance any other work that has been done in the garden, such as a new patio or pond. It can also raise the value of your house, as it adds to the appearance. This will be appreciated by potential buyers who enjoy the aesthetic side of things.


Safety wise, having lights in your garden can make it difficult for potential trespassers to hide. Sneaking through a brightly lit garden will help to deter them.


As there are many choices for lighting, there will be something for everyone, so if its Garden lighting you require or any Electrical services in Cullompton, call Reed Electrical for the best service and prices.


Advantages Of Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can be aesthetically pleasing, improving the mood and enhancing the characteristics of your home. The right theme and colour can warm your home, therefore improving your guests mood too.


Smart lighting can be a great choice due to the increase in security. As well as an alarm system, you can set it so if you’re away the lights can be timed to turn on and off, creating the illusion someone is in the house. This can put any potential trespasser off. Your lights can also respond to any hazard (such as the smoke detector). It could also be timed so it senses when it is night-time, therefore switching on the outdoor lights.


Due to the lighting being controlled, it is cost and energy efficient. Dimmers can be fitted to reduce energy to the bulbs, therefore lengthening the life (one example being a halogen bulb). It can be connected to the Wi-Fi, allowing you to use smart light bulbs too.


Smart lighting is convenient, but not restricted to just your house. If you have the right remote access, you can check the lighting and security system, or call an electrician in Tiverton to give you peace of mind.


Electrical safety remains critical during Covid-19

With many businesses re-opening this week, there has been a call to ensure that all electrical standards are checked and are up to date for all employees returning to places of work that have been closed for 3 months.


Checking not just the functionality of electrical systems, but also the supplies to machinery and lighting is now so important as the pressures placed on electrical systems, and operators will increase.


Remember that Health and safety laws have not gone away and will continue to be enforced, so that businesses are required to offer safe work environments under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Many businesses will be focussed on the safe opening and not spreading the virus, however the risk of non-compliance with safety standards still remains. Any accident on-site resulting in an injury may bring a visit from an enforcing officer, who has the power to stop that business trading altogether.